Happy Hedgehogs - About us



Hi my name is Amy and I am 27 years old. I live in Culompton with my partner Gary and our son Oscar who was born in November 2008. We also have 2 rabbits called Mr Poppet and Izzy.  


I have been working in childcare since I gained my Nursery Nurse qualification in 2004 and have had a few different roles since then. I worked in a nursery for 2 years caring for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years then in 2006 I decided to become a Children's Rep in Menorca, working with older children as well as little ones.


In 2007 I began working for a primary school as a Teaching Assistant. This was a different role for me as I had just spent a year in children’s clubs playing on the beach and now I was in a classroom but I loved every minute of it. It was very rewarding seeing the children learn new things and watching their progress.


 I feel my experiences have helped me to become an all-rounder with my childcare as I have enjoyed both the fun and educational sides. I finished working at the school in October 2008 to have my son and I decided that instead of returning I would like to become a childminder.




My Service


I work from Monday to Friday.

My hours of work are 8am - 6pm, however I am willing to negotiate longer hours and consider weekends and overnight if required.


As I can have 2 assistants working alongside me we are registered to mind 9 children a day.