Happy Hedgehogs

Our Mission

Learning through Play


We have a variety of toys, for both indoor and outdoor play, including educational toys, jigsaws, dolls, dressing up clothes, cars, animals, Lego, playhouse and books etc.

We also have a range of art and craft activities and children’s baking equipment and actively encourage the children to be creative. We will do our utmost to encourage learning through play.

Equality & Fairness


We will make sure that we actively promote equality of

opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices for all children.

We will make sure that we treat all children with equal

concern and respect regardless of age, race, religion and

culture. We will also not discriminate against children on the

 grounds of disability, sexual orientation, class and family


We will provide equal chances for each child to learn and

develop to their full potential taking into account their age,

stage of development and their ability.

We will always help children to feel good about themselves

which aids in building their self esteem.

Healthy Eating


We are happy to provide all children in our care with healthy meals, snacks and drinks and cook food for them.

We encourage children to choose healthy options and to try new foods.

We are happy to cater for children with different food allergies.

We have a menu planner which aids in organising meals dependent upon the child’s likes/dislikes.

Safety First


The safety of your child is paramount therefore we

follow certain procedures to fully ensure that your

child is safe whilst in our childcare setting and during

outings, trips etc away from our setting.

We also have in place public liability insurance.

Our mission at Happy Hedgehogs is to provide your child with a warm, friendly, safe home environment. We encourage Independence, self-respect and learning through play.